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With stars in her eyes.

Amid a snowstorm, a new girl arrived today. I have been anxiously awaiting her, as I’ve been hoping to add her to my collection for quite a few months now and was made a reality after some dolly returns I made late last month.


With the seemingly limited release of My Select Pullips I have finally acquired Paja! I was not into Pullips when she was first released (fairly certain I was in college at that point), and I had a strange desire for the regeneration of her, but missed the boat there as well.

Therefore I had resigned myself to not owning a Paja of my very own. But then in the last month or so I discovered the My Select Pullips and was delighted to find Paja included.

As I was not keen on her stock outfit, this was a perfect option for me. I selected Merl’s outfit for her and named her Cecily, after the character on Road to Avonlea (based on The Story Girl and it’s subsequent sequel by L.M. Montgomery).

I can see why many long to add Paja to their collection, she has a charm about her that is hard to place a finger on or find the words.

Oh my!

Cecily & Loki

I also was able to select a free wig with her, and so I chose one I had been looking at for my Megurine Luka Pullip, as her stock wig honestly is a level or two above straw I swear. Maybe I just had all the luck, but I’ve hated her stock wig since she arrived a year ago.

There was a bang trim required, but I am satisfied with the results.


Luka & Mandy.

I wanted to keep her in pink, as it only seemed proper to keep with her original colour scheme.

And in closing, one last one of Cecily and Luka together.

Luka & Cecily.

I am planning to talk about books, very soon. Life has been a bit busy and I’ve been battling sinus troubles. I have been re-reading The Deep Blue Sea, so it shall likely get some talk comparison to the film.


♫ Do you remember or should I rewind? ♫

Why don’t we take a walk down memory lane with Flashback Friday?

I might talk dolls, or old tv shows, books, you just never know. Today though, I’m talking dolls and music. How do these tie together? Pretty easily if we’re talking those boys from Boston.

Three out of five.

Say hello to (left to right) Jordan Knight, Donnie Walhberg and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame in doll form. I do have Jonathan Knight here too, in the mess that is my closet. Danny Wood is missing, he was not found when I was cleaning out old toys form the 1980s.

Unlike dolls of today, these boys are not heavy with articulation. I’d say they have seven points of articulation, and that is pushing it when their knees really do not snap and hold a pose these days. Jordan is also very floppy, but they are twenty years old (what the…where did the time go??).

Joey McIntyre.

Jordan Knight.

Donnie's Wahlberg

As you can likely see, there is discolouration with the vinyl of their heads, they don’t match up with their bodies anymore. Each of them have some scuffs, Donnie’s the most noticable due to the black cap he used to wear.

Anyone familiar with the dolls will know there were two separate lines: casual and stage. I have no clue which one these are, we had them all in duplicate but Danny, and one Jordan is still missing. The new Ken clothes make a very snug fit on them, I’ve considered buying clothes handmade for Ken/Taeyang on etsy but fancied they look pretty good in these, and I may one day find the rest of their clothes (and their missing band mate).

Bits and bobs.

This is about all I could find. A pair of pants with a very frayed velcro, Donnie’s stage jacket, Joey’s stage jacket which is a filmy, sticky mess and Donnie’s casual pull over and hat. I was certain I found their shoes but they’ve gone missing. Evidently I found their socks at least, as they can not wear modern Ken shoes.

On the secondary market their prices vary, I’ve seen them listed at very cheap prices and then insane ones. Last summer I actually could have purchased a Donnie and Joey MIB for a super cheap price, I still kick myself I did not. Ah well, c’est la vie. These ones hold more memories as they’re from childhood.

So this concludes the first Flashback Friday. I hope it was fun seeing the photos, and to tie it all up with music their latest single. I’m totally addicted to it.

Have a great week end everyone! And in case you haven’t guessed, the subject line is one of their song lyrics. No copyright infringement intended, obviously.

Good evening.

Hello, Noelle here again with another attempt at blogging.  This is only my second or third try I do believe, maybe number three will be the charm?  I still keep an eye on what my niece blogs mind, which thankfully she does not have any issues on.

As the blog name may give away, I shall likely blog and chatter on about books and dolls.  I am quite the book worm, although I do not have a collection to rival my late grandfather (I wish I did).  His was one of wonder for myself as a child, they were in the living room, the bedroom, they lined the spare room I would sleep in and they were even in the closet. I enjoy the classics more than modern books, I did begin reading Shakespeare at 13 years of age for the fun of it.

I believe there is no need to say I am eagerly awaiting PBS to show The Hollow Crown this side of the pond. Although I will not be analyzing his work to any degree, but I will likely blather on with my thoughts on it. Be them worthwhile or not is up to the reader.

My other love and passion is doll collecting. I have my moments I feel like I should give it up, but thankfully they are fleeting. I was disillusioned last month with two purchases which were returned for a refund, but have decided to simply swear off that particular line.  It is not to say the dolls are not worth the money, as they are (I am speaking of Amelia Thimble here), but for myself a doll so delicate with a few issues I cannot solve on my own it is too much.  Yes, my Pullips each of their own idiosyncrasy’s but I can deal with them.  That or eventually obitsu them.

I am currently awaiting a new doll I have been wanting since last summer, and finally was able to purchase at a price I could like, along with a nice outfit and a free wig which will be going to my Megurine Luka Pullip (her stock wig is as dry as straw).

As well I have a tiny collection of action figures, mainly Marvel based.  I would say mainly the heroes but Loki is hanging out with them in duplicate.  As well as a nifty Loki car I found in a dollar store.

So this isn’t complete text, I have a photo I took today of my first Pullip. This is Pullip Ddalgi, whom I renamed Felicity. Normally you would find her in Christmas garb, but today I stumbled upon this Moxie Girlz dress and thought she’d look absolutely precious in it.


This concludes my first post to this new blog I intend to continue on with. For the most part it will be rambles and reviews on books and dolls, as well as an array of other fun things. As the above photo shows, I do love The Big Bang Theory, but I can’t imagine how one could not.