♫ Do you remember or should I rewind? ♫

Why don’t we take a walk down memory lane with Flashback Friday?

I might talk dolls, or old tv shows, books, you just never know. Today though, I’m talking dolls and music. How do these tie together? Pretty easily if we’re talking those boys from Boston.

Three out of five.

Say hello to (left to right) Jordan Knight, Donnie Walhberg and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame in doll form. I do have Jonathan Knight here too, in the mess that is my closet. Danny Wood is missing, he was not found when I was cleaning out old toys form the 1980s.

Unlike dolls of today, these boys are not heavy with articulation. I’d say they have seven points of articulation, and that is pushing it when their knees really do not snap and hold a pose these days. Jordan is also very floppy, but they are twenty years old (what the…where did the time go??).

Joey McIntyre.

Jordan Knight.

Donnie's Wahlberg

As you can likely see, there is discolouration with the vinyl of their heads, they don’t match up with their bodies anymore. Each of them have some scuffs, Donnie’s the most noticable due to the black cap he used to wear.

Anyone familiar with the dolls will know there were two separate lines: casual and stage. I have no clue which one these are, we had them all in duplicate but Danny, and one Jordan is still missing. The new Ken clothes make a very snug fit on them, I’ve considered buying clothes handmade for Ken/Taeyang on etsy but fancied they look pretty good in these, and I may one day find the rest of their clothes (and their missing band mate).

Bits and bobs.

This is about all I could find. A pair of pants with a very frayed velcro, Donnie’s stage jacket, Joey’s stage jacket which is a filmy, sticky mess and Donnie’s casual pull over and hat. I was certain I found their shoes but they’ve gone missing. Evidently I found their socks at least, as they can not wear modern Ken shoes.

On the secondary market their prices vary, I’ve seen them listed at very cheap prices and then insane ones. Last summer I actually could have purchased a Donnie and Joey MIB for a super cheap price, I still kick myself I did not. Ah well, c’est la vie. These ones hold more memories as they’re from childhood.

So this concludes the first Flashback Friday. I hope it was fun seeing the photos, and to tie it all up with music their latest single. I’m totally addicted to it.

Have a great week end everyone! And in case you haven’t guessed, the subject line is one of their song lyrics. No copyright infringement intended, obviously.


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