With stars in her eyes.

Amid a snowstorm, a new girl arrived today. I have been anxiously awaiting her, as I’ve been hoping to add her to my collection for quite a few months now and was made a reality after some dolly returns I made late last month.


With the seemingly limited release of My Select Pullips I have finally acquired Paja! I was not into Pullips when she was first released (fairly certain I was in college at that point), and I had a strange desire for the regeneration of her, but missed the boat there as well.

Therefore I had resigned myself to not owning a Paja of my very own. But then in the last month or so I discovered the My Select Pullips and was delighted to find Paja included.

As I was not keen on her stock outfit, this was a perfect option for me. I selected Merl’s outfit for her and named her Cecily, after the character on Road to Avonlea (based on The Story Girl and it’s subsequent sequel by L.M. Montgomery).

I can see why many long to add Paja to their collection, she has a charm about her that is hard to place a finger on or find the words.

Oh my!

Cecily & Loki

I also was able to select a free wig with her, and so I chose one I had been looking at for my Megurine Luka Pullip, as her stock wig honestly is a level or two above straw I swear. Maybe I just had all the luck, but I’ve hated her stock wig since she arrived a year ago.

There was a bang trim required, but I am satisfied with the results.


Luka & Mandy.

I wanted to keep her in pink, as it only seemed proper to keep with her original colour scheme.

And in closing, one last one of Cecily and Luka together.

Luka & Cecily.

I am planning to talk about books, very soon. Life has been a bit busy and I’ve been battling sinus troubles. I have been re-reading The Deep Blue Sea, so it shall likely get some talk comparison to the film.


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