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Nothing like a few photos on a cool but sunny spring afternoon.

Grace by the flowers.

Noelle & Sybil.

In other doll news I purchased the Integrity Toys Jerrica Benton doll.  She is pretty, in her own way, but I’m completely underwhelmed with her.  I will give them credit for the make up on her.  She has the look of the original cartoon character.  I know one thing, I won’t be buying anymore dolls by the company.  I’m sure they’re well made but honestly?  They feel like cheap dollar store dolls even though I’m certain they use a good quality plastic or vinyl.

As well, I find I like inset eyes in dolls more, so I’ll still with my Wilde ladies and Pullips.

More photos of Grace, Noelle and Sybil I hope over the week end.  I do have to get an Iron Man re-watch in, as the third one is out next week end.  I will admit, I am a touch more excited for Thor: The Dark World as I love the mythology involved.  If you have not seen the teaser trailer yet for that movie you must look it up, I hope the movie is as good as the hype.



Truly, there are no words for yesterday’s events.

I, like many others the world over, was shocked beyond belief at what played out on the television screen yesterday afternoon. What I assumed was to be a joyous event turned into tragedy in a split second.

I’m sure many other’s can share the sentiment of not being able to wrap one’s mind around what they were seeing, or how anyone could even contemplating wrecking such pain and terror on other people. It pains me just thinking about it, and I was only one of the many that saw it on the television.

Although it would be a sad day indeed if you could not show empathy for other’s.

There is not much to say that hasn’t already been time and time again in the last twenty four hours, I pray for the people injured, for the people who lost a loved one and for those working through the emotions of what they saw and experienced. Words are all most of us have to express the horrors, be it we were there or we only saw it through a camera lens. It is something that should never happened, and it is an event no one should have had to live through.

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”
– Shakespeare (MacBeth)

Run Joey Run.

A post that has nothing to do with dolls, amazing.

Today is the Boston Marathon, and although I do live in Canada this year I actually had it strike my interest.  In the past month or so I have noticed Joey McIntyre posting on Twitter via a blog of his that he was training for the Boston Marathon.  I thought that was brilliant that he had the drive and passion to do it, but didn’t give it much more thought.

But then, he posted he was raising funds for charity, and on top of that what charity and why.  My heart ached when he said his mother has Alzheimer’s.

My grandmother passed away last summer after years suffering with the disease.  It was heartbreaking to see her slowly deteriorate into someone who looked like my grandmother but in all reality, she was no longer there.  The first time she had no clue who I was to her was so sad, as I had always been called the favourite oldest granddaughter.

Although there isn’t a huge point to this post, I did feel like making it.  It is nice seeing someone do this for a good reason, and not just to get their name out there.  I know not all celebrities are like that, but it seems to me that he is doing it first and foremost for his mum, but the fact he’s well known does help bring awareness and raise money for research.

I hope that it helps too, that his mum will benefit from it, and anyone else with a loved one suffering from that horrid disease.  We’re fairly certain my grandmother developed the disease before my grandfather passed, but it was more than obvious after.  In all honesty, the day my grandfather died so did the grandmother I knew.

Long time, no post.

It certainly has been quite some time since I last made a blog post.

There has been nothing grand and new in terms of my doll collection. No doll has been added since Cecily, although I was highly tempted to order the regeneration of the Anne Shirley Pullip, but something else came along that struck a chord.

What doll could hold a higher place in my heart over a beloved book character? That would be a character from the cartoon that was my childhood obsession. Integrity Toys put up The Misfits for pre-order and I got my order in for Stormer, after some trial and error with the website. I never had her in doll form as a child, but was fond of the character. I do not own any dolls by this company, so this shall be a first. I still have all my Jem and the Holograms dolls from my childhood, as well as five more I acquired through eBay.

I am very eager for her release, although I do not know when it is in May. I dearly hope they do not plan on releasing The Stingers after this, my poor wallet will be weeping.

As well, I seemingly have begun a new collection I never really expected. I as of this morning have three incoming plushies of Bullseye, the Target dog. I can hardly wait to have them in my possession as there is a Target being built in my town so I want to get a photo of at least one of them from the street near the construction. Although knowing me as I do, I’ll likely pack up the others at some point and go into the mall to see if I can find any Target signage to take photos by from the inside, if I can.

I truly am an odd duck, but at least I’m having fun along the way.

I really do intend to talk on something other than dolls and stuffed toys. Seeing as I do read, and I read a lot. I’ve been working my way through Hamlet in anticipation of seeing a production of it this summer.

As well, I do have some photos of vintage Barbie and Ken to share. They belong to my great aunt, I am sure Barbie is possibly the second one produced but Ken I have a hunch might be the first one, I’m not sure. I left Barbie collecting a long time ago now, so I don’t recall much of it.

And in closing, so this isn’t completely text I leave you with a photo of my Evangeline Ghastly, renamed Sinead Byrne.


She is the Now & Forever Evangeline Ghastly, and is a very striking girl. The only complaint I have over her is the stock outfit. My girl is normally popping out of her bodice, and the little ruffle is fraying already (I have it covered with a tulle tutu right now). I’m still shopping around for the perfect outfit for her, but have come across nothing yet.