Long time, no post.

It certainly has been quite some time since I last made a blog post.

There has been nothing grand and new in terms of my doll collection. No doll has been added since Cecily, although I was highly tempted to order the regeneration of the Anne Shirley Pullip, but something else came along that struck a chord.

What doll could hold a higher place in my heart over a beloved book character? That would be a character from the cartoon that was my childhood obsession. Integrity Toys put up The Misfits for pre-order and I got my order in for Stormer, after some trial and error with the website. I never had her in doll form as a child, but was fond of the character. I do not own any dolls by this company, so this shall be a first. I still have all my Jem and the Holograms dolls from my childhood, as well as five more I acquired through eBay.

I am very eager for her release, although I do not know when it is in May. I dearly hope they do not plan on releasing The Stingers after this, my poor wallet will be weeping.

As well, I seemingly have begun a new collection I never really expected. I as of this morning have three incoming plushies of Bullseye, the Target dog. I can hardly wait to have them in my possession as there is a Target being built in my town so I want to get a photo of at least one of them from the street near the construction. Although knowing me as I do, I’ll likely pack up the others at some point and go into the mall to see if I can find any Target signage to take photos by from the inside, if I can.

I truly am an odd duck, but at least I’m having fun along the way.

I really do intend to talk on something other than dolls and stuffed toys. Seeing as I do read, and I read a lot. I’ve been working my way through Hamlet in anticipation of seeing a production of it this summer.

As well, I do have some photos of vintage Barbie and Ken to share. They belong to my great aunt, I am sure Barbie is possibly the second one produced but Ken I have a hunch might be the first one, I’m not sure. I left Barbie collecting a long time ago now, so I don’t recall much of it.

And in closing, so this isn’t completely text I leave you with a photo of my Evangeline Ghastly, renamed Sinead Byrne.


She is the Now & Forever Evangeline Ghastly, and is a very striking girl. The only complaint I have over her is the stock outfit. My girl is normally popping out of her bodice, and the little ruffle is fraying already (I have it covered with a tulle tutu right now). I’m still shopping around for the perfect outfit for her, but have come across nothing yet.


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