Nothing like a few photos on a cool but sunny spring afternoon.

Grace by the flowers.

Noelle & Sybil.

In other doll news I purchased the Integrity Toys Jerrica Benton doll.  She is pretty, in her own way, but I’m completely underwhelmed with her.  I will give them credit for the make up on her.  She has the look of the original cartoon character.  I know one thing, I won’t be buying anymore dolls by the company.  I’m sure they’re well made but honestly?  They feel like cheap dollar store dolls even though I’m certain they use a good quality plastic or vinyl.

As well, I find I like inset eyes in dolls more, so I’ll still with my Wilde ladies and Pullips.

More photos of Grace, Noelle and Sybil I hope over the week end.  I do have to get an Iron Man re-watch in, as the third one is out next week end.  I will admit, I am a touch more excited for Thor: The Dark World as I love the mythology involved.  If you have not seen the teaser trailer yet for that movie you must look it up, I hope the movie is as good as the hype.


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