Another new girl.

Yesterday I received another new girl, further solidifying my doll collection really is beginning to revolve around Wilde Imagination with a few Pullips to change it up once in awhile.

With Mother’s Day coming, I tend to feel a touch bit left out as I have no children and did not want any.  But I do have a dog who is my little darling boy, so I thought ‘well, why not?’, and so proceeded to order a doll I had been eyeing since last October when Wilde had a discount on international shipping.  I was overjoyed she came yesterday as this week seemingly has decided to make my life miserable.

She is the Am I? Prudence Moody whom I have renamed Joey Knight.  Her name is based around Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight, due to the hat and her blue eyes.  But I must admit, the name Joey suits her so well I can’t picture her with another (well, other than Prudence as that is the character’s name).

Joey in the garden.

She has the most detailed and amazing outfit, I doubt I’ll ever change her out of it.  Well, other than taking the vest off now and again as summer is coming.  I love all the detail there is in the clothes Wilde makes for their dolls, right down to the little Amelia Thimble girls.  Although this one is even better as the vest sparkles in the light, and her hat has a little jewel on it as well.  Even her jeans have a golden hue to them.

Joey Knight.

I must admit I am completely taken with the inset eye girls.  There is something about those acrylic eyes that just make their faces come to life.  I do have a painted eyes Prudence as well (Band Together who I’ve named Darcy Taylor), and I love her dearly but I just adore the inset eyes.  So much life to these dolls.

Much to my surprise and joy Wilde put on another sale, on outfits mainly that have been on the site for awhile.  I’m thrilled to have finally been able to purchase Winter Woe, which will most certainly be going to Noelle as she is my winter girl.  The dress actually reminds me of a blouse I had when I was a teenager.

I do plan to be back with more photos soon, although our weather has taken a turn for the wet and rainy.  Not that I’m complaining after far too many days of extreme heat.  One thing I do want to review on here one of these days is that DVD Shakespeare Uncovered.  I bought it a month back after seeing a few of the episodes on PBS and I must say it is utterly fascinating.  Of course it is all subjective to how each person interrupts the characters in the plays, but it is interesting to see how the actors see these characters.

Mind you, I do not agree with Tom Hiddleston’s take on Prince Hal, but that is just me.  I saw elsewhere a girl on YouTube discussing the character and I really do agree more with her thoughts.  But to each their own, right?  Life would be dull if we all saw things the same way.


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