Friday Flashback.

I actually have many other things to be doing right now, so a quick fly by post.

How about another 80s flashback? Sound fun? Awesome!

Rowanne and Joy are with the band, as you can tell. They’re the New Kids on the Block figures from 1990, I think they’re made by a company called Big Step? They’re written on there but I’m too lazy right now to look.

I found them on etsy dirt cheap, I paid for all five of them with their little disc stands what they normally go for just buying one. Really surprised me, but it was too good to pass on. We used to have just Jordan and Jonathan kicking around here, but I have no idea what happened to them.

And Joy is finally getting her very own Wilde Imagination outfit. I purchased A Sunny Day set this morning for her. It was on sale for $30 off. Shipping to Canada is a touch expensive, but we can’t win them all. Her original outfit won’t go back on her and is very stiff (she’s the Let It Sew convention Amelia), so it will be nice to have an outfit that fits her proper. I’ve bought her hand made ones by other people, but with the big snaps used she just looks weird.

Well there we go, I really want to try to stick with a Flashback Friday post each week, we’ll see how that works.


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