Doll Day.

I have so many things to do today, but thought I would post a few photos of my favourites in my doll collection (which might well be all of them).

From what I’ve heard today is World Doll Day, which sounds like my kind of day, aside from Christmas. This seemed like a great time to introduce my latest Ellowyne Wilde, that being Falling to Pieces from the Tonner Convention last month.


I absolutely adore her, she’s stunning in person. She arrived this Tuesday just past…and the next day came a 15% off sale from Wilde (which is still on by the by), and ordered the convention Prudence who I am hoping arrives early next week.


Victoria Baker, she is absolutely gorgeous for a basic doll. She is the Amber Stanhope character, who is sister to Christian and half sister to Siobhan (my Dark Days Ell).


Noelle Wynters, an absolutely stunning doll. The pale skin tone gives her a resin glow.

Sinead & Christian.

Christian Baker and Sinead Byrne. I never thought I’d see the day I’d want anything from the Evangeline Ghastly line, but he was so handsome I couldn’t resist. Then of course he needs someone his height, correct?

Striking a deal.

Joy Phillips and Rowanne Avery striking a deal with Loki. Those two are just trouble.


And we’ll close with Felicity, my first Pullip. I adore all the Pullips I have, but she’ll forever be special (not to mention she’s quite the Christmas girl).

A small part of me feels like talking about the concert, but I’m really not in the mood.  It was fun, but I don’t think I’d ever want to go with a large group again. I’m glad everyone else had a great time though, I enjoyed it but I think I would have had so much more fun alone.  I’m a fairly solitary person, so large groups cause slight unease.  In all honesty, I’m happiest when I’m alone in my room reading a book or playing a video game with music playing.

Or preparing for Christmas.

But don’t get me wrong, New Kids on the Block can still put on a great show.  I took some video which I don’t know why I bothered because they’re horrid.  I forgot it would pick up my singing…ah well, they’re only for my viewing.  But it was a great experience regardless and it was fun to share it with others.  Not to mention making new friends and re-connecting with old school mates.


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