Simply Kate.

I have been absolutely remiss in posting. I do intend to blog more frequently over the summer months though.

Last month Tonner had a convention which was themed The Age of Innocence, which did produce some lovely dolls. Not surprising, as Tonner does make beautiful dolls (although the only one I desperately want is greatly out of my price range at $250 USD…considering you then have to buy her an outfit). I must admit, I would love to attend one of these conventions someday, as they look like a lot of fun.

The dolls I was more interested in seeing were the ones from Wilde Imagination. Ever since I first saw an Ellowyne online I was hooked and longed for one. I almost bought Invisible Ink when she was End of Edition but was fairly convinced shipping would be half the cost of the doll. Which it turns out it wasn’t. Anyway, as we can tell from my last post on World Doll Day, I did purchase the Ellowyne Wilde from the convention. Did I mention she came with two left shoes? Evidently she’s not keen on dancing.

Well, on June 5th they had an Almost Summer sale, which was 15% off any order over a certain price. I doubted the convention dolls were included but put Prudence in my virtual basket and entered the code to discover that she was. And a week after Lesley (my renamed convention Ell) arrived, Kate moved in.

Lesley and Kate.
She is absolutely adorable. Bright blue eyes shining out of her cute little face, and a quirky outfit which seems reminiscent of earlier Prudence releases.

She was missing her Certificate of Authenticity, which I keep meaning to e-mail about. I really should put that on my list of things to do on Monday.

Lesley and Kate.

They make the cutest, quirkiest pair. There is a Lizette that goes with them as well, but she just does not do a thing for me. She’s quite a mismatched looking thing.A few more shots of Kate before I close.




Yes, I fail greatly at putting away Christmas decorations.

I have more photos to share, and lots more dolly chatter. Wilde has a new doll they’re unveiling in August that sounds like it could be something akin to a Pullip, which excites me greatly. I am hoping she is in my price range (meaning NOT resin), as I do adore Pullip but the quality control can be lacking.

As well I am hoping against all hope for Serious Intention Ellowyne Wilde for my birthday. I know it isn’t going to happen, but it would be nice considering everyone is doing a massive build up to whatever they bought me. Which if last year is anything to go by, it will be very anti climatic. It is a good thing I don’t get excited over my birthday.

There is an incoming in the next week or two, and I am hoping Moon Over Mortuary Evangeline Ghastly goes to End of Editions soon as I would love to snap her up. Despite being told I can not buy her as my niece wants her. The logic is lacking in that I tell you.

Too many dolls to catch up on before the autumn release I tell you.


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