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A new ghoul.

We did not go to that performance of Hamlet, nor do I have any intention of attending any of the upcoming performance. In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ll ever attend this Shakespeare festival.

Not only did the director modernize the play, but she abridged it and moved the ‘To be or not to be…’ speech to become the first lines you hear Hamlet utter. I’m rather sick of people having to butcher Shakespeare for a modern audience, some of us would like to see it performed the way it was written and in the time it is set in.

Regardless, the week has been a long one. I began reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which is thus far an interesting read. I had not realized it was such a long book (I’m reading on a tablet), so it obviously isn’t something you can read in an afternoon or two.

Yesterday I also made my first Monster High doll purchase in likely a year.

Monster High’s Twyla.

I had come across her a few days prior, but as my niece was short the money for a doll she wanted I bought her’s instead and hoped this girl would still be there later.  Or better yet, this town would get the dolls.  As it is, it would appear we’re about five months behind on new doll releases.

She is shorter than the other dolls (other than Howleen), and her eyes even glow in the dark.  I am not sure if this is a constant flaw with these dolls now or not, but her right elbow joint is very floppy.  I have a Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra with the same issue so it makes me wonder.

The other issue with her is her hair.  It is a hot mess.  I trimmed it a little bit, but it might be getting more taken off.

The ghouls.

It might not be easy to see in the photo, but it frizzes horrid at the ends, I am wondering if they were going for waves and it just didn’t work out.  The furniture you see them with is actually going to be used to create a room on my shelf for the Ever After High dolls, whenever they actually make it to Canada.

Twyla with her hair pinned back.

It is interesting that these dolls have surpassed Barbie in sales, yet the quality control still seems lacking.  Although they are play line and I’ve been purchasing more collector dolls in the past year.  I am still eagerly awaiting Ever After High though, as fairy tales are a little more to my interest than monsters, although I do like the little collection of them I have.

In other doll related news, I am eagerly awaiting the release of this lovely girl.  I pre-ordered her from a different online store that expects her in stock the end of this month, so I dearly hope to have her by middle of August.

Strangely this coming autumn there are a few play lines I’m interested in, so I am hoping when our Target opens they are a little more on the ball than Wal Mart.  It would be nice to be able to buy these dolls without having to travel to a city, even if they do cost a few dollars more than Wal Mart.


The rest is silence.

This week we are off to see Hamlet. And I will happily say I was looking forward to this most of the year, as I have not seen Shakespeare performed live since I was a teenager.

That is, until I started watching video and interviews online with the director of this particular production.

How do you feel about Shakespeare taken out of it’s original setting and tossed into modern times? I do not mean like the movie 10 Things I Hate About You (based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and is one of my favourite teen movies).

It amuses me the director states in one interview that it would be an anomaly to perform the play in it’s original setting, so she brought it forward into modern times. I would think people in modern dress speaking the language the play was written in to be more the anomaly. Not to mention she’s turned the play within a play into a musical.

I had such high hopes, as I’ve never seen Hamlet performed before, but I have come to the conclusion I need to go into this with very, very low expectations.

The themes and stories are timeless because they resonate today, but that does not mean you have to take it all and put it into modern day. I would have rather seen the play performed in it’s proper setting, rather then here and now. It is safe to say I’ll be very critical about attending next year and making sure this person is not directing (although last year they did something similar to this as well, which is why I passed on going). What is next? Will they do a production of Richard II set during Woodstock?

As my sister stated when I broke the news of what I had discovered to her ‘Is there a pub nearby? You know, in case it is so bad we have to leave for a drink?’

Thoughts on a book and dolls.

I really do need to put it in my schedule to update on here more often.

Well, as one can expect I did not receive the doll I was hoping for on my birthday. You’re likely reading the ramblings of the only person on the face of the earth who actually didn’t care if they ever owned a tablet or anything of the likes, but that is who I am. It is a lovely gift, just they could have saved themselves a lot of money.

The only plus I discovered is the book app. It is a lovely little app where you can purchase books for a lot less than what they would cost you in the stores. As well, many classics are free. With that, I did find a good many books and safe to say my summer reading is going to be awhile. I started with one called Cranford, and if you’re a massive Tom Hiddleston fan you likely have heard of the book through the BBC mini series.

What can I say about the book? It is a slow moving read and in my own opinion, not the most interesting book I’ve ever read. It basically tells the happenings of a group of women in a town named Cranford, obviously, in England. It is from the point of view of the writer (I don’t recall a character name for this person, maybe I’ve forgotten it), the central woman you hear about is Miss Matty.

If you like books like that, where not much happens, then it is one I can recommend. If not, then pass it over. I’m not even finished it yet and the only reason I am pushing on with it is solely for a certain intrigue that comes to light close to the end of the novel. All and all, an okay read, but it isn’t something I feel will stick with me for years to come. No idea if it is much like the mini series as I’ve never seen it, just bits and bobs of Return to Cranford. And if you are a massive fan of said actor, his character has not popped up in the novel and with only forty pages left or so, I highly doubt he will.

Next is Hamlet before I go to see it next week.

Now for the other thing I enjoy talking about: dolls. As stated, I did not receive the Serious Intention Ellowyne Wilde, much to my dismay. I was really hoping for her, not just because I hinted at her many times, but in a way it would have made it easier on my pocket book when it comes to dolls. As it is, she’s back on the to be purchased list (and certain people who seem to be unable to take a hint best not hint at what they’d like for Christmas this year, as I think I may forget how to take a hint as well).

Oddly a play line of dolls has caught my interest and I am awaiting their release in Canada with baited breath. Mattel, who pretty well owns the market with Barbie has extended the Monster High universe to fairy tale characters. I used to collect Monster High but lost interest as I never was one for monster stories. I sold the majority of my collection to fund Wilde dolls and Pullips, but kept Nefera, one of the many Cleo dolls (although I want to get a new one as mine has the older legs so they’re very loose) and one of the editions of Spectra.

But these, now these interest me greatly.

I am absolutely aching to see them on shelves here, even though I know the soonest is going to be end of August, and only if I can get to the city. Otherwise, Christmas time (unless the Target we are getting is on the ball…I wish they’d hired me but no sense crying over spilled milk).

The idea of these dolls intrigues me greatly, and I’ve always loved fairy tales. They’ve been popping up at Justice stores in the USA, do not look in Canadian Justice stores as you will not find them (trust me, I looked). Their bodies look better proportioned than Monster High, which are very wispy but I think works for them, as they technically are not human characters (although the argument can be made for Nefera, Cleo and Jackson/Holt I would say) and they are just plain adorable. A friend is keeping an eye out for Madeline Hatter for me, I’m just itching to get her.

I do plan to make a room for them on my book shelf, as it seems the best spot to display them, on a shelf between nothing but books and books. I might be able to get digital books now, but nothing will ever compare to the feel of a real book in your hands. So hopefully the design and shopping for it will keep me occupied for the summer, as I’m also frustrated over these Archive sales Wilde Imagination is having.

This seems like the summer for dolly frustrations, I swear. If things don’t stop with the weather and everything else I fear I might break down when I come across one of them on eBay for a decent price. Although that is hard to say, as the shipping is usually insane. Not to mention people are selling them for almost double retail half the time.