All the new.

And so the fall television season has begun.  I rarely get overly interested in anything on the television, mainly because most of what I do watch is slowly starting to tank.

I have quit with How I Met Your Mother, although that show has steadily deteriorated over the years.  Even The Big Bang Theory isn’t catching my interest like it once did (although that has a lot to do with the fact it has a serious bit of competition now, in my eye).  Sadly, 2 Broke Girls has added a new character and if they’re keeping him, I’m out.

As to Once Upon a Time, it would be nice to see the show being written as it once was, instead of the Snow/Charming rubbish that serves little purpose and now the Hook/Emma pairing just is making me lose all interest in the show, all together.

With the changing leaves we also get a brand new bunch of shows to vi for our attention and capture our imagination.  Being a lover of Marvel movies I had anticipated Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. with high hopes.  After the second episode, it fell completely flat.  I’ll state for one I was never on the ‘Coulson Lives’ bandwagon.  Loki skewered him, and that’s that.  He was a fun character but not one I was overly attached to.  Therefor the lack of explanation of how he survived a ‘glow stick of destiny’ through the heart just bothers me.  And I find the majority of the cast unlikable.  I rather enjoyed the first episode, other than a few instances, but the second failed to hold my attention for long and the third I spent reading a book over watching the show.  The fourth I was already engrossed in a book about Shakespeare and English kings, so gave it a complete pass and I fancy that will be that.  The show will do well, much to my absolute bafflement.

After that comes The Goldbergs which I enjoyed immensely.  It brought back wonderful memories of growing up in the 1980s.  It really just hit it all spot on, of course I had sisters and not brothers, but it reminded me of a simpler time.  A time I wish we could go back to.  I fear, like any show I decide I like, it will be cancelled before the end of this year.

I watched a few other premieres but didn’t really care for most of it, until one magical Thursday night.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland…an absolutely charming show. I cannot figure out exactly what it is, but it drew me in and I was shocked when the full hour time slot came to an end. I turned over to The Big Bang Theory but was constantly distracted with thoughts of Alice, Cyrus and the rest. It completely captivated me, and if for the fact I couldn’t get it in another time zone until midnight I would have watched it right then and there again.

I will admit I’m not a fan of the Alice in Wonderland book nor do I like any of the movies. But this is new, it is different and completely enchanting. As well, not being much for girly movies or books, the fact that Alice and Cyrus had me grinning like a love sick fool within ten seconds also had me hooked. I almost cried when I thought the Red Queen had indeed killed him (although it made no sense in the premiere episode…not that I want him dead at all).

Yes, the CGI isn’t the greatest at times, but I honestly think it adds to the charm and also the other worldliness of Wonderland. The characters are all interesting, the White Rabbit is a touch creepy but sometimes CGI animals can be that way. The love story is sweet, unlike all the Snow/Charming rubbish on the original. The Knave is sarcastic and funny, and I am dying to know what Jafar and the Red Queen want with Cyrus, and hoping Alice does not use any of her wishes.

Sadly, it would seem it runs the risk of cancellation which saddens me. There are so few shows on the telly these days even worth watching, and to see one that has so much potential likely end up gone before it had a chance seems unfair. More so as it would be replaced with yet another insipid reality show. Of all the shows I’ve decided to check out this season, I would hate to see the one I love the most gone. I’ve heard it is to be just a one season thing, consisting of 13 episodes. High ratings or not, I don’t understand why we can’t at least have that.

Maybe even move a few characters to the original, although I’m not sure I’d want them lost in that hot mess.

So that is my two cents, half spent, on a few of the shows that premiered this autumn. The Goldbergs and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland are definitely worth viewing, but the other I mentioned isn’t in my opinion. Unless you are hardcore into the Marvel universe. And even then I’m still not sure it is worth it.


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