“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

This past week has not been a good one. This whole year hasn’t been, but this past week seemingly has solidified the year has it out for me.

It isn’t something I can do anything about either, which frustrates me as this means Thanksgiving and Christmas are officially finished with my family. While I hold onto tradition and family values, they couldn’t care less. I can at least try to keep Christmas the way I always knew it, with my dog at the very least, but Thanksgiving is finished.

Ah, the joys of being the sister who is only spoken to when they want something. One day, they may regret that, who would know.

But I am here to speak of dolls, which sort of ties into my stress of the last week. New playlines have begun appearing on the shelves. The new Monster High dolls hold no interest for me, although I would love a new Cleo de Nile one of these days, if I could find one I like. Of course there is new My Little Pony, Barbie, even saw the new La Dee Da dolls at Target (and by the by Spin Master, where are the stands? If you want me to hand over $20 CDN I would like a stand, otherwise, they can wait for a dandy of a sale). Of course the doll line I’m really looking for is Ever After High and you guessed it, nowhere to be seen. But oddly they’re showing up in England now.

This is the oddest marketing I’ve ever seen in my life, well, that I can recall. I would love to know why this is taking so long. I am highly tempted to e-mail Mattel and ask them exactly when we can expect to see the dolls in Canada, as I am aching to get my hands on them. Mind you, I do have Maddie on the way. A lovely friend in the States bought her and sent her to me as a gift. I was utterly gobsmacked and really need to get to a Christmas/Hallowe’en shoppe I know of to get her an awesome birthday gift.

I also received a new Pullip this week. I had waffled on the Starry Night Dahlia peasant doll for quite awhile, unsure if I wanted to order her. Also unsure if I wanted another Pullip as I really haven’t had a lot of luck with them as of late. Split seems in the vinyl (those are the older ones), eye mechs that don’t work right, crummy wig quality (to the point I rewigged one of them, ah the joy of prying THAT off with a sharp kitchen knife). But she finally won me over. I decided to order her from PullipDollDreams which is a small shop online. Their selection of dolls is smaller and sometimes can be more expensive than PullipStyle, but unlike that store when you pre-order you can do a deposit and then pay the rest, plus shipping, when the doll is in stock. So I went with that shop…as well they were scheduled to get Dahlia a month before PullipStyle.

Tuesday she arrived right as I was about to head out the door for some shopping, and I was absolutely giddy. She is adorable.

Dahlia in box.

She came with a little gift as well, which is just gorgeous. It is in another photo, I took it off the little key ring chain as I could not bear the idea of it being ruined.

Then it happened. It turns out Groove is adding a new design to Pullip which pretty well opens her up to a nice new flaw.


Both lower arms have a crease in them, but sadly in the case of this one it is a crack. From what I’ve been told this a new design feature added this year, but why I’ll never understand. After a few exchanged e-mails Dahlia has a new arm on the way but it did take the joy out of the day to see that. As well, her eyes won’t close, but I kind of expected that.

The plus though, she has a lovely, soft wig and her stock is well made. Her shoes are enormous on her tiny feet (I read somewhere they’re type 2 shoes…someone forget they’re on type 4 body for Pullip?). And she’s very photogenic! Although too much daylight can wash her out.






She comes with a broom, head dress, stand and trading card. She is a charming little thing (and if anyone is wondering, her eye lid make up is a pinkish purple, mainly the lighter but a darker shade as eyeliner).

I did check my other Pullip from this year to discover that this crease seems to be the new thing, as Cecily is sporting it as well. How I failed to notice it is beyond me. Fairly certain this is the end of Pullip for me, but hey, now I just get to spoil them with new clothes and where I bought Dahlia is the perfect spot to buy them.

And one last doll, there will be oodles more photos of her come Christmas time.

Cindy Lou Who.

I had been eyeing her in the secondary market dolls section of My Favourite Doll for quite some time. At first I fancied she would make a wonderful Christmas gift for one of my sisters, as she loves everything to do with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (must be her hero until he changes at the end), but decided I would enjoy her much more. This Cindy Lou Who is certainly more than two though.


Friday Flashback.

I actually have many other things to be doing right now, so a quick fly by post.

How about another 80s flashback? Sound fun? Awesome!

Rowanne and Joy are with the band, as you can tell. They’re the New Kids on the Block figures from 1990, I think they’re made by a company called Big Step? They’re written on there but I’m too lazy right now to look.

I found them on etsy dirt cheap, I paid for all five of them with their little disc stands what they normally go for just buying one. Really surprised me, but it was too good to pass on. We used to have just Jordan and Jonathan kicking around here, but I have no idea what happened to them.

And Joy is finally getting her very own Wilde Imagination outfit. I purchased A Sunny Day set this morning for her. It was on sale for $30 off. Shipping to Canada is a touch expensive, but we can’t win them all. Her original outfit won’t go back on her and is very stiff (she’s the Let It Sew convention Amelia), so it will be nice to have an outfit that fits her proper. I’ve bought her hand made ones by other people, but with the big snaps used she just looks weird.

Well there we go, I really want to try to stick with a Flashback Friday post each week, we’ll see how that works.

♫ Do you remember or should I rewind? ♫

Why don’t we take a walk down memory lane with Flashback Friday?

I might talk dolls, or old tv shows, books, you just never know. Today though, I’m talking dolls and music. How do these tie together? Pretty easily if we’re talking those boys from Boston.

Three out of five.

Say hello to (left to right) Jordan Knight, Donnie Walhberg and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame in doll form. I do have Jonathan Knight here too, in the mess that is my closet. Danny Wood is missing, he was not found when I was cleaning out old toys form the 1980s.

Unlike dolls of today, these boys are not heavy with articulation. I’d say they have seven points of articulation, and that is pushing it when their knees really do not snap and hold a pose these days. Jordan is also very floppy, but they are twenty years old (what the…where did the time go??).

Joey McIntyre.

Jordan Knight.

Donnie's Wahlberg

As you can likely see, there is discolouration with the vinyl of their heads, they don’t match up with their bodies anymore. Each of them have some scuffs, Donnie’s the most noticable due to the black cap he used to wear.

Anyone familiar with the dolls will know there were two separate lines: casual and stage. I have no clue which one these are, we had them all in duplicate but Danny, and one Jordan is still missing. The new Ken clothes make a very snug fit on them, I’ve considered buying clothes handmade for Ken/Taeyang on etsy but fancied they look pretty good in these, and I may one day find the rest of their clothes (and their missing band mate).

Bits and bobs.

This is about all I could find. A pair of pants with a very frayed velcro, Donnie’s stage jacket, Joey’s stage jacket which is a filmy, sticky mess and Donnie’s casual pull over and hat. I was certain I found their shoes but they’ve gone missing. Evidently I found their socks at least, as they can not wear modern Ken shoes.

On the secondary market their prices vary, I’ve seen them listed at very cheap prices and then insane ones. Last summer I actually could have purchased a Donnie and Joey MIB for a super cheap price, I still kick myself I did not. Ah well, c’est la vie. These ones hold more memories as they’re from childhood.

So this concludes the first Flashback Friday. I hope it was fun seeing the photos, and to tie it all up with music their latest single. I’m totally addicted to it.

Have a great week end everyone! And in case you haven’t guessed, the subject line is one of their song lyrics. No copyright infringement intended, obviously.