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Its Been Awhile.

I’ve not fallen out of the doll collecting world, my interests sort of went elsewhere. Into writing, but that is neither here nor there really. Working on a novel, some other fandom related (even if my fandom is fairly dead) and the likes.

As to dolls, this year I haven’t bought all that many. I did purchase one Wilde Imagination doll, and with the rising cost of shipping to Canada she may be the last for a long time. It was Dreams of Marigold and Cinnamon, and she’s an absolute beauty. If you have been eyeing her, I do recommend her highly, I should take some new photos of her actually.

Not much in the doll world is really catching my eye lately, if we’re being honest. In terms of play line, I’m waiting to see the new look for Ever After High before I decide. I’ve seen a few photos of them via tumblr, some look strange and others I think really shows the character’s personality but it is just better to see them in person.

I did receive one doll yesterday, due to the postal unease in Canada a lot of online retailers are using other means to ship which is actually great for online shopping as you’ll get your items faster. Not so great if you want to buy of sites like Etsy though, unfortunately.

Anyway, this is a doll I’ve been looking at since 2013 and Wednesday I finally broke down. I’m not sure if this bookstore chain is outside of Canada, but Chapters/Indigo started offering American Girl in select stores over the last two years. I can’t really recall when that started, but I believe to date there are only four boutiques and none near me. Going to a kiosk was a hassle, as again, they’re all at least an hour away.

Discovered the other day they now allow you to buy the dolls online, and they’ll ship to your home. Which is amazing, I only looked at the site as I heard they’re getting the new Wellie Wishers in the next month or so, I had ordered one off AG’s site, but again, postal unease it is really not safe to buy out of country right now.

So I finally bought Beforever Rebecca Rubin and she’s absolutely stunning in person.

Rebecca Rubin.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I do have the AG hair pick as well, when I get a small spray bottle I’ll tame her curls. They’re not as bad I was expecting but they do need a little work. I may get some foam rollers to bring the bounce back.

But I’m glad I got her, she’s so beautiful I can’t believe I held out this long. She will be spoiled with outfits and the likes, I’m considering the GOTY come October, as I really like the look of her and I’m honestly not fussed by this sip tie thing. The strings hanging from the neck actually unnerve me a little, what with little boys running around here sometimes. I’ve always been worried one of my nephews would untie my Bitty Baby’s head. Although the youngest of the lot carries her around saying ‘baby, baby’ all the time…I’m seriously considering buying him one for Christmas and making it boy clothes.

I shall try to post more on here, not sure if anyone is fussed for my doll rambling and any time I get into books. Which is rare, as I find most being written now is just mediocre and dull. Suppose I’ll stick to the classics, I hardly watch television honestly since Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is gone. I do follow the ones who played Alice and Cyrus and try to watch their new projects when I can (why though in Tut why…it seemed he died for Tut’s man pain, it wasn’t set up well for a betrayal).

Kind of hoping to get into sewing clothes for AG, making jewelry, with my mum. It should be fun, and I know Lea will be here in the autumn because I can’t stop thinking about her. But first is a stand for Rebecca (I might order two in anticipation of Lea’s arrival), and perhaps her Holiday dress.

There is just something about her that brings back memories of a doll I had when I was eleven. They’re similar in some ways, but I had to throw her out last summer as she was utterly destroyed. I am hoping this doesn’t turn into a small obsession though, mind I may get mum the new Beforever Melody when she comes out for Christmas. According to her, they got the 60s look spot on.

And lets not forget I need the other four Wellie Wishers…my gosh they’re cute! And I need to change this theme.