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January blahs.

I had not realized how long it has been since I posted on here!

I wish I could say I’ve been exceptionally busy, but that truly isn’t the case. I have been writing a lot, and well, family drama that fairly ruined Christmas.

A couple new dolls though! First is Tatiana Wynters, whom I received for Christmas.


She is Past Life Evangeline Ghastly, and is stunning. I’ve never had a dressed Evangeline, and I can see why they’re so expensive. Her outfit is amazing, although she’s a pain to display with the huge skirt but either way, she’s stunning.

Last November I decided to try my hand at NaNoWriteMo, on my own without officially signing up. I completed the required word count in 20 days so I pre-ordered a doll I was wanting as a reward.


Fairy Tale Basic by Tonner from the Re-Imagination line. At first i was thinking of doing her over to look a bit like Emma Rigby as the Red Queen on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but when I got her out she struck me a lot with her resemblance to Sophie Lowe, so her name is Sophie. At some point I wouldn’t mind finding a wig that looks a bit more like the actress’s hair style and colour, but not sure about that. Her head seems a little loose so one day when I’m money ahead she might be off to the doll hospital.

My first doll of this year follows in with my obsession.


Little Alice aka Wonderland Patience by Wilde Imagination. I am completely in love with the Patience line, and she makes the perfect Alice doll with her inquisitive little face. If you’re wondering what she’s holding, it is a bottle of wishes. Most people instantly think of the Mad Hatter, I’m beyond conventional and go right to genie.

Which brings me to my huge annoyance and what is making January even more depressing: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. it saddens and depresses me that the fate of the show seems to be in limbo. I am well aware it was meant solely as a hiatus filler and they’ve admitted their mistake with how it was aired this season (putting it up against The Big Bang Theory was daft at best, but I’ve read it seemed to pull in around 4.4 million viewers so that has to be pretty good, to my way of thinking), but I just wish they’d renew it as the show is just so wonderful and a refreshing change of pace with what is normally on to pick from.

Honestly, how can anyone not love these two?

I was unimpressed with the plot twist back in December, and if it isn’t reversed there will be a lot less of Cyrus as they’ve essentially taken away his purpose in the show (I honestly believe there is a reason he is the third genie needed and it won’t work unless he’s in that bottle…why yes, if you recognize that assertion I am the one who keeps saying that on various social media platforms…I’m also the one who timed how much screen time Cyrus has had: 65 minutes tops…remind me, what is a main character again), but they need to for once try giving something a second chance. There is so much potential here, so many more stories that could be told with these five characters and the show, in my opinion, is far better than the original (which is such a mess I can’t even watch anymore, they bring over the Wonderland cast and I’ll tune in, but if they leave, I’m out again).

It is about time the networks gave a show a second chance, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a good place to start from. We don’t need more sex driven plots, catty women backstabbing each other, womanizing men and love triangles that serve no purpose.

We need more shows that spark the imagination, the are filled with whimsy, villains that could go either way, true love that doesn’t end in the normal sex filled rubbish and just something that you come away from feeling happy. That show is my happy place, and the idea that it could be gone in another five episodes depresses me more than I care to admit. Of course the fandom can live on well after the show is gone (many do), but it truly is high time something was given a second chance and this is the perfect one to start with.

Put it back where it should have been, I can wait until December to see it again if I have to, but pulling the plug completely on something so imaginative is only proving to me that no one wants the imaginative anymore. Cheap humour, sex driven plots and reality shows seem to dominate the airwaves and in all truth, if Wonderland goes I’ll more than likely be unplugging the cable.

I’d rather read a book in that case, as there is truly nothing on TV worth watching anymore. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was a breath of fresh air, and I dearly hope the fact no decision has been made yet is a good sign.

If you have not watched the show, I highly recommend it.  There is no need to have seen the original Once Upon a Time, it stands on its own and as I said, it is far better.  With only five characters it flows smoothly and how anyone cannot love Alice and Cyrus is beyond me.


Long time, no post.

It certainly has been quite some time since I last made a blog post.

There has been nothing grand and new in terms of my doll collection. No doll has been added since Cecily, although I was highly tempted to order the regeneration of the Anne Shirley Pullip, but something else came along that struck a chord.

What doll could hold a higher place in my heart over a beloved book character? That would be a character from the cartoon that was my childhood obsession. Integrity Toys put up The Misfits for pre-order and I got my order in for Stormer, after some trial and error with the website. I never had her in doll form as a child, but was fond of the character. I do not own any dolls by this company, so this shall be a first. I still have all my Jem and the Holograms dolls from my childhood, as well as five more I acquired through eBay.

I am very eager for her release, although I do not know when it is in May. I dearly hope they do not plan on releasing The Stingers after this, my poor wallet will be weeping.

As well, I seemingly have begun a new collection I never really expected. I as of this morning have three incoming plushies of Bullseye, the Target dog. I can hardly wait to have them in my possession as there is a Target being built in my town so I want to get a photo of at least one of them from the street near the construction. Although knowing me as I do, I’ll likely pack up the others at some point and go into the mall to see if I can find any Target signage to take photos by from the inside, if I can.

I truly am an odd duck, but at least I’m having fun along the way.

I really do intend to talk on something other than dolls and stuffed toys. Seeing as I do read, and I read a lot. I’ve been working my way through Hamlet in anticipation of seeing a production of it this summer.

As well, I do have some photos of vintage Barbie and Ken to share. They belong to my great aunt, I am sure Barbie is possibly the second one produced but Ken I have a hunch might be the first one, I’m not sure. I left Barbie collecting a long time ago now, so I don’t recall much of it.

And in closing, so this isn’t completely text I leave you with a photo of my Evangeline Ghastly, renamed Sinead Byrne.


She is the Now & Forever Evangeline Ghastly, and is a very striking girl. The only complaint I have over her is the stock outfit. My girl is normally popping out of her bodice, and the little ruffle is fraying already (I have it covered with a tulle tutu right now). I’m still shopping around for the perfect outfit for her, but have come across nothing yet.