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Little Alice.

I’m making an attempt to post here more often. We shall see how long that lasts.

I won’t rant on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland today (despite an aggravating conversation with my sister on this stupid plot twist they pulled I’m still bothered over…he said he’d been freed before and it didn’t work – go figure she’s a Knave fan and I’m completely for Cyrus so we can’t seem to agree to disagree). But this is Wonderland themed.

I think I’ve already spoken about the Patience line from Wilde Imagination. She’s a bit like a Pullip, but in my opinion worth the price tag. She lacks the fragility that comes with Pullip, she can get a little floppy after awhile but she’s so darn cute one can forgive that, and it makes each expression she makes a little more unexpected.

A few photos I’ve edited of my Wonderland Patience, whom is named Alice as I lacked imagination there (I’m holding out hope for a boy in the line at some point who could have a resemblance to Cyrus…I’d die with joy).



Wonderland adventures.




I love playing with effects and such on photos, and with her it is even more fun as it gives it a bit of a dreamy look at times.

Either way, I am going to attempt to update here more often, be it with doll photos, talk about books or (most likely) ranting that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland needs a second chance (I really don’t watch much television other than that show). So I could get dull, but if you like doll photos you could be in luck.


January blahs.

I had not realized how long it has been since I posted on here!

I wish I could say I’ve been exceptionally busy, but that truly isn’t the case. I have been writing a lot, and well, family drama that fairly ruined Christmas.

A couple new dolls though! First is Tatiana Wynters, whom I received for Christmas.


She is Past Life Evangeline Ghastly, and is stunning. I’ve never had a dressed Evangeline, and I can see why they’re so expensive. Her outfit is amazing, although she’s a pain to display with the huge skirt but either way, she’s stunning.

Last November I decided to try my hand at NaNoWriteMo, on my own without officially signing up. I completed the required word count in 20 days so I pre-ordered a doll I was wanting as a reward.


Fairy Tale Basic by Tonner from the Re-Imagination line. At first i was thinking of doing her over to look a bit like Emma Rigby as the Red Queen on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but when I got her out she struck me a lot with her resemblance to Sophie Lowe, so her name is Sophie. At some point I wouldn’t mind finding a wig that looks a bit more like the actress’s hair style and colour, but not sure about that. Her head seems a little loose so one day when I’m money ahead she might be off to the doll hospital.

My first doll of this year follows in with my obsession.


Little Alice aka Wonderland Patience by Wilde Imagination. I am completely in love with the Patience line, and she makes the perfect Alice doll with her inquisitive little face. If you’re wondering what she’s holding, it is a bottle of wishes. Most people instantly think of the Mad Hatter, I’m beyond conventional and go right to genie.

Which brings me to my huge annoyance and what is making January even more depressing: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. it saddens and depresses me that the fate of the show seems to be in limbo. I am well aware it was meant solely as a hiatus filler and they’ve admitted their mistake with how it was aired this season (putting it up against The Big Bang Theory was daft at best, but I’ve read it seemed to pull in around 4.4 million viewers so that has to be pretty good, to my way of thinking), but I just wish they’d renew it as the show is just so wonderful and a refreshing change of pace with what is normally on to pick from.

Honestly, how can anyone not love these two?

I was unimpressed with the plot twist back in December, and if it isn’t reversed there will be a lot less of Cyrus as they’ve essentially taken away his purpose in the show (I honestly believe there is a reason he is the third genie needed and it won’t work unless he’s in that bottle…why yes, if you recognize that assertion I am the one who keeps saying that on various social media platforms…I’m also the one who timed how much screen time Cyrus has had: 65 minutes tops…remind me, what is a main character again), but they need to for once try giving something a second chance. There is so much potential here, so many more stories that could be told with these five characters and the show, in my opinion, is far better than the original (which is such a mess I can’t even watch anymore, they bring over the Wonderland cast and I’ll tune in, but if they leave, I’m out again).

It is about time the networks gave a show a second chance, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a good place to start from. We don’t need more sex driven plots, catty women backstabbing each other, womanizing men and love triangles that serve no purpose.

We need more shows that spark the imagination, the are filled with whimsy, villains that could go either way, true love that doesn’t end in the normal sex filled rubbish and just something that you come away from feeling happy. That show is my happy place, and the idea that it could be gone in another five episodes depresses me more than I care to admit. Of course the fandom can live on well after the show is gone (many do), but it truly is high time something was given a second chance and this is the perfect one to start with.

Put it back where it should have been, I can wait until December to see it again if I have to, but pulling the plug completely on something so imaginative is only proving to me that no one wants the imaginative anymore. Cheap humour, sex driven plots and reality shows seem to dominate the airwaves and in all truth, if Wonderland goes I’ll more than likely be unplugging the cable.

I’d rather read a book in that case, as there is truly nothing on TV worth watching anymore. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was a breath of fresh air, and I dearly hope the fact no decision has been made yet is a good sign.

If you have not watched the show, I highly recommend it.  There is no need to have seen the original Once Upon a Time, it stands on its own and as I said, it is far better.  With only five characters it flows smoothly and how anyone cannot love Alice and Cyrus is beyond me.

Dress up fun.

Faith and I have been having some fun with clothes.

I don’t own any Marley Wentworth dolls by Tonner, as I only discovered Tonner dolls about two and a half years ago. I did find an old dress my mum had in a lot of Barbie clothes she acquired at an auction. I had a feeling it would fit her and I was right.

Autumn colours.

Anticipating autumn.


Girl with a sunflower.

The colour of the dress goes so well with her hair, I really do love it on her. The ‘belt’ I think was something my niece started and never finished, it just seemed like it needed a splash of colour to me.

The second outfit I tried is actually among Ellowyne’s Thrift Shop Finds. It is the Ennui Purple blouse and skirt.


Curious child.

The blouse is a bit loose, but it works. If you were worried about decency you could get a little undershirt or tube top on her underneath it. The skirt likely wouldn’t stand on if it weren’t for the two pairs of stockings she has on. But then again, it may very well regardless. Either way, it looks adorable on her.


In the garden.

I cannot wait to see what they have in store for her with the autumn release, in terms of new dolls, clothing and anything else their creative minds concoct.

In closing, so this isn’t all dolls, I am thrilled to finally be able to view this on the my television two weeks from today.

Mind you, if you go to amazon you can pre-order the entire Henriad on DVD (what will be on Great Performances) and it is to be released about three days prior to the first airing of King Richard II. I am hopeful they do not take long to ship, as I am eagerly anticipating a day filled with Shakespeare.

Now I just need to finish reading King Richard II.

It takes a little Patience.

Now that we’re sliding into autumn that means one thing in the doll collecting world: new play line and new releases from collector companies! Granted a lot of play line has been trickling out over the summer, but Tonner has only done a sneak peek at what is to come, whilst Wilde Imagination just teases.

One bit of information on Ever After High mind you, they aren’t slated to be in regular stores until December. So much for the Christmas rush, eh? And that is the US, I don’t know about the rest of the world. I suppose it works out, as I think another doll is going to be taking a lot of my money at this rate.

The evening before Tonner revealed Deja Vu (I like the concept of the line, have yet to see a doll that perk my interest but i’m sure one will), Wilde showed off their newest little girl: Patience. The second I saw her I just needed her. Not sure what it was, the big eyes or what but I just had to have her. Thankfully, it worked out and I did get her ordered.

We won’t mention the week long holiday she spent in customs, much to my annoyance. But finally, yesterday around noon she arrived.

Pretty dollhouse.

A little girl and her dollhouse.

She is around 14″ tall and very articulated, making her great fun to pose. The eyes, which I at first fancied would be moved in the same way as a Pullip, actually move depending on how her head/upper body is positioned.

Faith, fairies and pumpkins.

Fairies and pumpkins on my.

I’ve read she can share clothing with Marley Wentworth or the Harry Potter dolls made by Tonner, as I don’t have any of those dolls that isn’t something I can say for certainty but I will assume this is correct information. I have a few dresses here that might actually fit her, so there might be a dress up day coming up. I tested them on Maudlynne and they worked, so here’s hoping.

I’ve renamed her Faith, and rest assured you’ll be seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks as I am completely smitten with her. I actually have a doll room planned, so she is getting her own little bedroom area. She’s already spoiled with a huge dollhouse (the Precious Places Magic Key Mansion from the late 1980s, it belonged to one of my sisters), I have a bed already that just needs the mattress cleaned and some bed sheets and pillows, and of course she’ll be getting quite the wardrobe in the long run. Oh, and an antique quilt made by my late grandma 60 years ago.

I am hoping this line does well for Wilde Imagination, as I’m in love with it already and there is only one doll! If you are a doll collector and considering adding her to your collection, she is worth it. She is kind of like a Pullip without the fragility and issues. The rest of the line will be up at some point this autumn, so I know for one I am eagerly awaiting more.

A few more photos of her around the yard or with Christian (my Mortimer from the Evangeline Ghastly line).



What can she get up to next?

Rose coloured view.

A little nap.

Resting with an antique quilt.

Faith and roses.

Faith and roses.

Tell me a story

Tell me a story.

Christian and Faith

Christian and Faith.

Mortimer is another doll I recommend highly, he’s gorgeous. I do not photograph him often enough, which is funny since I wanted him all of last year and the only reason I splashed out was the 20% off sale right before Christmas.

I’ll hopefully be back with more of Patience and many other things. I am considering going to a showing of Shakespeare’s Othello in the coming weeks. The only trouble is it is on at the cinema the same night as the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory.

Such a problem I tell you.

Simply Kate.

I have been absolutely remiss in posting. I do intend to blog more frequently over the summer months though.

Last month Tonner had a convention which was themed The Age of Innocence, which did produce some lovely dolls. Not surprising, as Tonner does make beautiful dolls (although the only one I desperately want is greatly out of my price range at $250 USD…considering you then have to buy her an outfit). I must admit, I would love to attend one of these conventions someday, as they look like a lot of fun.

The dolls I was more interested in seeing were the ones from Wilde Imagination. Ever since I first saw an Ellowyne online I was hooked and longed for one. I almost bought Invisible Ink when she was End of Edition but was fairly convinced shipping would be half the cost of the doll. Which it turns out it wasn’t. Anyway, as we can tell from my last post on World Doll Day, I did purchase the Ellowyne Wilde from the convention. Did I mention she came with two left shoes? Evidently she’s not keen on dancing.

Well, on June 5th they had an Almost Summer sale, which was 15% off any order over a certain price. I doubted the convention dolls were included but put Prudence in my virtual basket and entered the code to discover that she was. And a week after Lesley (my renamed convention Ell) arrived, Kate moved in.

Lesley and Kate.
She is absolutely adorable. Bright blue eyes shining out of her cute little face, and a quirky outfit which seems reminiscent of earlier Prudence releases.

She was missing her Certificate of Authenticity, which I keep meaning to e-mail about. I really should put that on my list of things to do on Monday.

Lesley and Kate.

They make the cutest, quirkiest pair. There is a Lizette that goes with them as well, but she just does not do a thing for me. She’s quite a mismatched looking thing.A few more shots of Kate before I close.




Yes, I fail greatly at putting away Christmas decorations.

I have more photos to share, and lots more dolly chatter. Wilde has a new doll they’re unveiling in August that sounds like it could be something akin to a Pullip, which excites me greatly. I am hoping she is in my price range (meaning NOT resin), as I do adore Pullip but the quality control can be lacking.

As well I am hoping against all hope for Serious Intention Ellowyne Wilde for my birthday. I know it isn’t going to happen, but it would be nice considering everyone is doing a massive build up to whatever they bought me. Which if last year is anything to go by, it will be very anti climatic. It is a good thing I don’t get excited over my birthday.

There is an incoming in the next week or two, and I am hoping Moon Over Mortuary Evangeline Ghastly goes to End of Editions soon as I would love to snap her up. Despite being told I can not buy her as my niece wants her. The logic is lacking in that I tell you.

Too many dolls to catch up on before the autumn release I tell you.

Doll Day.

I have so many things to do today, but thought I would post a few photos of my favourites in my doll collection (which might well be all of them).

From what I’ve heard today is World Doll Day, which sounds like my kind of day, aside from Christmas. This seemed like a great time to introduce my latest Ellowyne Wilde, that being Falling to Pieces from the Tonner Convention last month.


I absolutely adore her, she’s stunning in person. She arrived this Tuesday just past…and the next day came a 15% off sale from Wilde (which is still on by the by), and ordered the convention Prudence who I am hoping arrives early next week.


Victoria Baker, she is absolutely gorgeous for a basic doll. She is the Amber Stanhope character, who is sister to Christian and half sister to Siobhan (my Dark Days Ell).


Noelle Wynters, an absolutely stunning doll. The pale skin tone gives her a resin glow.

Sinead & Christian.

Christian Baker and Sinead Byrne. I never thought I’d see the day I’d want anything from the Evangeline Ghastly line, but he was so handsome I couldn’t resist. Then of course he needs someone his height, correct?

Striking a deal.

Joy Phillips and Rowanne Avery striking a deal with Loki. Those two are just trouble.


And we’ll close with Felicity, my first Pullip. I adore all the Pullips I have, but she’ll forever be special (not to mention she’s quite the Christmas girl).

A small part of me feels like talking about the concert, but I’m really not in the mood.  It was fun, but I don’t think I’d ever want to go with a large group again. I’m glad everyone else had a great time though, I enjoyed it but I think I would have had so much more fun alone.  I’m a fairly solitary person, so large groups cause slight unease.  In all honesty, I’m happiest when I’m alone in my room reading a book or playing a video game with music playing.

Or preparing for Christmas.

But don’t get me wrong, New Kids on the Block can still put on a great show.  I took some video which I don’t know why I bothered because they’re horrid.  I forgot it would pick up my singing…ah well, they’re only for my viewing.  But it was a great experience regardless and it was fun to share it with others.  Not to mention making new friends and re-connecting with old school mates.

Friday Flashback.

I actually have many other things to be doing right now, so a quick fly by post.

How about another 80s flashback? Sound fun? Awesome!

Rowanne and Joy are with the band, as you can tell. They’re the New Kids on the Block figures from 1990, I think they’re made by a company called Big Step? They’re written on there but I’m too lazy right now to look.

I found them on etsy dirt cheap, I paid for all five of them with their little disc stands what they normally go for just buying one. Really surprised me, but it was too good to pass on. We used to have just Jordan and Jonathan kicking around here, but I have no idea what happened to them.

And Joy is finally getting her very own Wilde Imagination outfit. I purchased A Sunny Day set this morning for her. It was on sale for $30 off. Shipping to Canada is a touch expensive, but we can’t win them all. Her original outfit won’t go back on her and is very stiff (she’s the Let It Sew convention Amelia), so it will be nice to have an outfit that fits her proper. I’ve bought her hand made ones by other people, but with the big snaps used she just looks weird.

Well there we go, I really want to try to stick with a Flashback Friday post each week, we’ll see how that works.